Anthony Dudo Ph.D.

Associate Professor | Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations | The University of Texas at Austin

I research the intersection of science, media, and society. I am particularly interested in media representations of science and environmental issues, scientists' role as public communicators, and the contributions of informational and entertainment media on public understanding of science. Some of my recent work has examined the processes underlying scientists' engagement in public communication activities, the effects of video games and television entertainment programs on public perceptions of science, and media depictions of health pandemics and controversial biomedical and technological innovations. 


Scientist Celebrities and the Public Understanding of Science (Honors seminar), Texas-Austin 

Advanced Theories II doctoral seminar, Texas-Austin

Introduction to Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, Texas-Austin

Fundamentals of Advertising, Texas-Austin

Integrated Communication Management, Texas-Austin

Mass Communication Practices, Wisconsin-Madison

Electronic Communication Skills, U. Delaware

Oral Communication in Business, U. Delaware


2012-Pres., Ongoing consulting with Mary Crawford, Instructional Designer for the Moody College of Communication

2011-Pres., Center for Teaching and Learning, Ongoing consulting with R. Joseph Rodriguez, Ph.D. and Karron Lewis, Ph.D. (Texas)

2004-2005, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Delaware, Delaworld New Student Orientation