Anthony Dudo Ph.D.

Associate Professor | Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations | The University of Texas at Austin

I research the intersection of science, media, and society. I am particularly interested in media representations of science and environmental issues, scientists' role as public communicators, and the contributions of informational and entertainment media on public understanding of science. Some of my recent work has examined the processes underlying scientists' engagement in public communication activities, the effects of video games and television entertainment programs on public perceptions of science, and media depictions of health pandemics and controversial biomedical and technological innovations. 


2015-2016, Member, Faculty Search Committee, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations, Moody College

2015, Faculty Coordinator, Science Communication Research Interest Group, Center for Health Communication, Moody College

2014-2015, Committee Member, Research Workgroup, Center for Health Communication, Moody College

2014-2015, Committee Member, Moody College of Communication Scholarships and Awards 

2014, Search Committee Member, Senior Program Coordinator, Center for Health Communication, Moody College

2014, Proposal Reviewer, UT Health Communication Scholars Program

2013-2014, Committee Member, UT College of Communication Appeals Committee

2013-2014, Member, Graduate Curriculum Committee (Texas)

2013-2014, Committee Member, UT Committee for the creation of the Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies

2013-2014, Committee Member, UT College of Natural Sciences’ Exploratory Committee for Bachelor of Sciences and Arts Science Communication Certificate Program

2013, Marshall, College of Communication commencement

2012-2013, Nominated (not elected), College of Communication Faculty Council (Texas)

2012, Interview Committee Member, Instructional Designer, College of Communication (Texas)

2012, Panelist, Becoming and Effective Teacher, UT New Faculty Orientation

2011-2012, Volunteer consultant for Hot Science – Cool Talks Lecture Series (Texas)

2011-2012, Member, Faculty Research Committee (Texas)

2011-2012, Member, Graduate Curriculum Committee (Texas)

2011-2012, Member, Health Services Initiatives Committee (Texas)

2010-Pres., Elected Core Member, Media and Communication Alumni Network (Muhlenberg College)

2009, Panelist, New Graduate Student Orientation, J-School (Wisconsin)

2007-2008, Student Leader, Media & Society Research Group (Wisconsin)


2013- Editorial Board Member, Science Communication

2016- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, European Journal of Communication Research

2015- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, New Media & Society

2015- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Science Education

2014- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Public Understanding of Science

2014- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Nature Nanotechnology

2013- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 

2013- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Bioscience

2013- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Environmental Communication

2013- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

2013- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society

2012- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Advertising

2012- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, European Journal of Communication Research

2012- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Human Communication Research        

2011- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Risk Analysis

2011- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Communication Research

2011- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Science Communication

2011- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Health Communication

2009- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Applied Communication Research

2009- Invited Manuscript Reviewer, International Journal of Public Opinion Research


2015-2016,  Vice Head, ComSHER Division, AEJMC

2015, Invited Grant Proposal Reviewer, National Science Foundation (NSF), Science, Technology & Society Program (STS).

2014, Invited Grant Proposal Reviewer, National Science Foundation (NSF), Decision, Risk and Management Science Division (DRMS).

2014- Organizing Committee Member, TRELLIS: An Online Platform for Public Engagement, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

2014-2015, Research Chair, ComSHER Division, AEJMC

2014, Moderator / Organizer, “From Quarks to Quasars: Helping STEM Professionals Communicate with the Rest of the World” teaching panel, AEJMC

2014, Moderator / Organizer, “The “Three Pillars”: Strategies for How to Effectively Manage Research, Teaching, and Service” teaching panel, AEJMC

2014, Discussant, “Communicating Climate Change” research session, AEJMC

2014, Student Poster Judge, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2014 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

2014, Volunteer Collaborator, COMPASS

2013-, Volunteer Collaborator, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Center for Public Engagement with Science and Technology 

2013-2014, Teaching Chair, ComSHER Division, AEJMC

2013, Discussant, “Understanding and Overcoming Stigma through Communication”, AEJMC

2013, Invited Reviewer, National Science Foundation, Science and Engineering Indicators Report, Ch. 7 “Science and Technology: Public Attitudes and Understanding”

2012-2013, Newsletter Editor, ComSHER Division, AEJMC

2012, Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Mass Communication & Society Division, AEJMC  

2011-2012, Membership Chair, ComSHER Division, AEJMC

2011-2012, Website Co-editor, ComSHER Division, AEJMC 

2010-2011, Graduate Student Liaison, ComSHER Division, AEJMC

2009-, Invited Manuscript Reviewer, ComSHER Division, AEJMC

2009, Research Chair assistant, MAPOR

2009, Panel Moderator, ComSHER Top Papers Panel, AEJMC 

2007, Panel Moderator, Media Framing, MAPOR